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How we work

As such, we place considerable effort into creating a work environment that stimulates innovation, team spirit, engagement and achievement. By unlocking the talent of our workforce, we bring to life our company’s strategy and drive business results.

Our ambition is to be the employer of choice both for our current and future employees because this will lead to business success.

ADC Core Values

  • Constant Improvement
  • Integrity
  • Caring
  • Humility
  • Entrepreneurial

How we become your employer of choice

Employee Development and Leadership Engagement

We figure out creative ways to develop and help our employees with their career paths to engage and retain top performers.

CEOs and senior-level executives make an effort to get to know employees personally, and will often participate in events like onboarding, training, recognition, and celebrations. Beyond that, leaders go to great lengths to gather input and feedback from employees regarding the workplace and related decisions. Due to the many opportunities for involvement, employees tend to feel quite invested in the company from a personal and a business perspective.

Enhancing Company Culture

In an effort to engage employees, company culture is not only prioritized, but also strategic. By creating a distinct culture, employees are able to attract the right employers for their carreer.

When employee and employer values and visions align, we see companies succeeding in retention, profitability, and innovation.

Succession Planning and Generational Approaches

We  are positioning for long-term leadership success by taking demographic changes into serious consideration as part of our corporate strategies. Succession planning efforts are imperative as boomers retire and younger employees rise through the ranks. Tying into company culture and engagement, ADC is looking at ways to involve new generations.