/03.2 – Board Of Directors
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Mhamud CharaniaPresident of the Board
Born 1965, Mozambican
Mr. Charania is an entrepreneur operating in Mozambique since 1995. His main focus is the development of his FMCG Cash & Carry and Wholesale business as well as his milling businesses.

Message from the CEO

Executive Board Profile

Amin RawjeeExecutive Director
Born 1964, Mozambican
Mr. Rawjee is a businessman engaged in a variety of businesses including FMCG Cash and Carry & Wholesale; and property development.
Firoz RawjeeDirector Corp. Governance
Born 1970, Canadian
A professional with a variety of experience and leadership in Mozambique. He is actively involved in FMCG Cash & Carry and Wholesale as well as cement manufacture.